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Portrait Photography

Timeless portraits: an essential piece for your family’s heritage

BD Photography

Professional Portrait Gallery

Capture the legacy of your beautiful family with a professional Family Portrait Session

BD Photography Family Portrait Sessions are a fun opportunity to bring the family together and capture love; whether you do it annually or every couple of years, these sessions are often a great way to get the family together.

Along with complimentary drinks and snacks, we will help you document your portraits for generations. Our signature Heirloom prints and archival frames will keep your images looking pristine for centuries.

We will capture beautiful images that will look great on your walls for generations to come. Our goal is to produce stunning portraits of your family that you and your family will cherish for generations.

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Family Portrait Photography
BD Photography
BD Photography

Self Portraits

Timeless portraits with a modern feel.

Booking a portrait session for yourself is one of the most empowering and beautiful gifts you will ever give yourself. It is an exciting experience dedicated to you, where we explore creative ways to capture your personality, passions, and identity, in short, the essence of you today. Whether you’ll frame these images or compose an album, this experience will serve as a bookmark in your lifetime, a time to remember and cherish.

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Portraits, Maternity, Branding, Headshots
Self Portrait Photography by BD Photography
Self Portrait Photography by BD Photography

Pet Portraits

Because they are family too.

We welcome and love pets of all kinds! Pet portraits are fun, loud, and often messy shoots, but they are some of our favorites! We’ve had the opportunity to capture all kinds of animals, from corgis in the studio to elephants in South Africa. We have tremendous love for all animals and family pets and love for them to feel comfortable in the studio for their shoots. We have food and water bowls available and a kennel if necessary for your convenience. 

A studio tour is required to book any session.

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Pet Portrait Photography by BD Photography
Pet Portrait Photography by BD Photography
Pet Portrait Photography by BD Photography

What Our Clients Say

I had an amazing experience with BD Photography. She has a wonderful, positive attitude, and she always made sure I was comfortable. Her staff members are helpful and welcoming. They reply to messages/emails immediately and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you have a good experience. The quality of the pictures is incredible and I'm extremely pleased with the end product. You won't regret it!
BD Photography
Julie Elizabeth
Family Portrait Client
Barbara is such a great talent. Her eye and ability to capture perfect moments are exceptional. Her staff is so helpful and make the difficult selection process easier.
BD Photography
Marianne Powell
Family Portrait Client

The BD Experience

We love to capture beautiful images and want you to have a fantastic experience with us! The BD experience is how we approach all sessions; it allows us to be intentional and prepared for you!

1. Studio Tour

A studio tour is required to book your session because we want to make sure we understand your goals for these images. It's an opportunity for you to get to know us and answer all your questions. Tell us what you envision for your shoot, and we’ll create the perfect plan!
BD Photography

2. The Shoot

Shoots are always fun! We will have your favorite music playing and refreshments for any jitters. This is an exciting experience, just show up, and we take care of the rest.
BD Photography

3. The Viewing & Ordering Appointment

We use the latest technology to display images, making it easy for you to evaluate each pose and compare images critically. You'll get to review and make your final selections.
BD Photography

4. The Final Delivery

After your viewing appointment and your final selections, we will process and prepare the final versions of your images. About 2-4 weeks later, your art pieces will be ready.
BD Photography

Questions You Might Have About Your Portrait Session

What is a Family Portrait Session?

A family portrait session is a unique way to bring the family together and capture love. A family portrait session is usually about one hour long, where we will guide you through a series of poses as a family and variations such as siblings, just the boys, mom, and daughter, etc.

Can we bring our family pet?

Yes, we consider pets to be part of the family! We have treats, food and water bowls, and a Kennel, if necessary, for those rowdy ones.

Am I able to bring additional family members?

Family portrait sessions include the members of the same household. You may include extended family; however, an additional fee may apply. We also offer rates for multiple household families and generational family portraits.

Why do I need to book a studio tour?

A studio tour allows us to get to know each other and helps us better understand your goals for the session. At the same time, it will enable you to become familiarized with the space and get all your questions answered. The planning of the session is vital, and often it takes place during your first visit.

How many outfit changes?

Usually, you’ll be able to change one or two outfits. However, on how many family members are in the session and the allocated time.

Can I bring a friend to my self-portrait session?

Absolutely! If you have a friend that hypes you up and can help get you ready and feel great for the shoot, bring her/him!

Do you offer prints?

Yes! We only offer archival quality prints to our clients. Our prints are produced using the highest quality archival ink and cotton paper available; in fact, we use the same archival quality required by the Library of Congress and national museums.

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A Studio Tour Is Where It All Begins!

If you are unsure about booking your session, start here. Studio Tours are for you to come in, get to know us, and resolve any questions and doubts. No commitments are necessary.
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