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Behind the BD Experience

BD Photography
Behind the BD Experience

Behind the BD Photography Team

B-D Photography was founded in 2011 by Barbara Delgado, our Chief Photographer.

Behind each photoshoot, we are a team dedicated to providing all our clients with an exceptional experience. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free service and environment to bring out your best look. We will guide you through the entire process, from booking your initial tour through the photoshoot and viewing session, where you’ll make your final selections. Our process makes it easy for you to be ready and understand your goals for the images. 
Meet our team and learn a bit more about us!

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The BD Team

Barbara Delgado

Owner/Chief Photographer
Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Barbara Delgado is the owner and principal photographer at B-D Photography, a professional studio in McAllen, Texas. Barbara has always been interested in the arts, science, and photography. Before launching Bd photography, Barbara studied fashion design in long beach, California, and was the Art Director for a local art gallery. Barbara has been a full-time professional photographer for over 12 years, although her early work used primarily natural lighting. She now operates a spacious studio, controlling lighting and shooting spaces exploring her vision in portrait, family, and maternity photography.
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With a background in business management and finance, Gio is responsible for keeping the lights on. Helping us track the business and financial aspects of the company, Gio makes sure we have the equipment and resources we need to deliver museum-quality products. A natural curiosity for technology and a photography hobbyist makes for a perfect fit to manage and assist in all aspects, from studio management to photoshoots.
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Lisette Marie

Committed to providing clients with a memorable and complete experience, Lissette brings years of customer service experience to our studio and makes sure we understand each client's needs from beginning to end. Lissette serves as the primary point of contact and a resource for each client. An artist at heart, Lissette loves music and is often our de-facto model when we are exploring new lighting techniques and testing equipment.
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Alex Martinez

With a background in photography and editing, Alex brings over ten years of experience in on-set and post-production photography. Before joining the BD Team, Alex worked as the primary photographer for a graduation products company. He loves to work in the photography and creative space. At BD, Alex assists with lighting, image processing, and post-production, including editing and printing archival quality photos. Alex loves photography and enjoys exploring personal photography projects in his spare time.
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What Our Clients Say

THE BEST photographer you will find in the RGV! I am so grateful for Barbara and her team. They have helped me with my photography needs on multiple occasions from photos for my business to my engagement and more.You will be so pleased you went with her!
BD Photography
Matthew Martinez
Personal Branding Client
Absolute class and, simply, the best. She is a true professional, but knows how to have fun and make you comfortable, and you can tell how passionate she is about her talent.
Vanessa Alaniz
Headshots Client
BD PhotographyBD PhotographyBD PhotographyBD PhotographyBD PhotographyBD Photography
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