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Maternity & Newborn Photography

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BD Photography

Carrying a child is such a beautiful experience in any woman's life

You’re welcoming a new child into your lives and your home—that’s huge! It’s definitely a moment that deserves professional photography. Imagine having images on your walls from every stage in your growing family—from marriage to your first child all the way down to when you become grandparents. At BD Photography we strive to create beautiful artistic portraits for generations. 

Maternity Sessions typically last about one hour, where we will explore different poses and lighting techniques to capture beautiful, artistic portraits. We’ll play your favorite music and keep the session fun and empowering. We have wardrobe and drapes available for your shoot, and will cover all the details during your studio tour!

A studio tour is required to book a session. 

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Maternity Photography by BD Photography 2
Maternity Photography by BD Photography
Maternity & Newborn Photography

Newborn Portraits

Because they are only this little for just a short period of time. We offer Newborn Portraits for any of our maternity clients.

Welcoming your newborn child into the world is a beautiful experience. Newborn photos are family heirlooms that celebrate the birth of new life, document the most memorable milestones of your growing family, and help create unforgettable experiences by capturing legacy portraits you’ll cherish for generations. 

Newborn sessions usually last about three hours. We have a variety of headwraps and blankets for the baby and snacks and refreshments for the parents. You’ll have spaces to set up a changing station and get comfortable.

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Newborn Photography by BD Photography
Newborn Photography by BD Photography
BD Photography
BD Photography

Maternity & Newborn Photo Gallery

What Our Clients Say

Barbara and her team are amazing! My husband and I had the best experience and have found our photographer! If anyone is considering BD, I highly recommend her. She is caring, passionate and most of all talented! Great work and the creator of timeless pieces.
BD Photography
Brenda Montalvo
Maternity Photoshoot Client
Absolute class and, simply, the best. She is a true professional, but knows how to have fun and make you comfortable, and you can tell how passionate she is about her talent.
Vanessa Alaniz
Headshots Client

The BD Experience

We love to capture beautiful images and want you to have a fantastic experience with us! The BD experience is how we approach all sessions; it allows us to be intentional and prepared for you!

1. Studio Tour

A studio tour is required to book your session because we want to make sure we understand your goals for these images. It's an opportunity for you to get to know us and answer all your questions. Tell us what you envision for your shoot, and we’ll create the perfect plan!
BD Photography

2. The Shoot

Shoots are always fun! We will have your favorite music playing and refreshments for any jitters. This is an exciting experience, just show up, and we take care of the rest.
BD Photography

3. The Viewing & Ordering Appointment

We use the latest technology to display images, making it easy for you to evaluate each pose and compare images critically. You'll get to review and make your final selections.
BD Photography

4. The Final Delivery

After your viewing appointment and your final selections, we will process and prepare the final versions of your images. About 2-4 weeks later, your art pieces will be ready.
BD Photography

Questions You Might Have About A Maternity or Newborn Photo Shoot

Do you provide a maternity wardrobe?

Yes, we have a variety of outfits available in the studio. Additionally, we offer draping and a wardrobe rental service to find the perfect look!

When should I book my maternity photoshoot?

On average, maternity sessions book at the beginning of their third trimester (30-36 weeks). However, we’ve had sessions right up to the day before giving birth.

Can I bring my husband and child to the maternity session?

We can always incorporate family into the session; however, most of the time will be focused on mom.

Do you offer newborn sessions?

Yes, we love to welcome maternity clients back for a newborn session!

When should I book my newborn session?

The ideal time to book your newborn session is within two weeks of giving birth.

Do you provide set designs for newborn sessions?

Yes, we provide a variety of swaddles, baskets, bows, and rugs, amongst other things. If there is something you wish to capture, let us know!

How long is a newborn session?

Newborn sessions can last up to three hours long due to feeding and sleeping schedule and diaper changes.

Can we take family photos during the newborn session?

We can incorporate immediate family into the newborn shoot. However, the session’s primary focus is the newborn during the allotted time.

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If you are unsure about booking your session, start here. Studio Tours are for you to come in, get to know us, and resolve any questions and doubts. No commitments are necessary.
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