The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and now is the time to capture your family and make lasting memories with a Christmas portrait session. And we know just the perfect place to go – not to be biased, but you and your family will be in good hands this holiday season when you take your photographs with us at BD Photography in McAllen!

With input from our talented photographer, Barbara Delgado, your family will receive the most beautiful portraits this holiday. We want you to share this season’s memories with your loved ones and we have prepared beautiful keepsakes for you such as reveal boxes and luxury holiday cards that will wow your friends and family.

Here are two ways to appreciate your holiday family portraits:  

Luxury Holiday Cards

Personalized holiday designs on elegant soft-touch foil-pressed paper

Reveal Boxes

The elegant reveal box is a unique way to display and preserve your gorgeous holiday photographs

Our team of experts prepares all our clients to help them look picture-perfect from hair and make-up to styling to make your holiday portrait session camera ready! We produce stunning images that will be cherished forever.

You will be looking and feeling your best and with all smiles, our expert photographer will capture the very best holiday memories for your amazing family to keep a lifetime. Celebrate this holiday and let’s create a magical holiday portrait session that is authentic and unique.

Visit our McAllen location and let us tell your family’s story in photographs this holiday season! Book a tour at our McAllen studio today and get to know the team as we guide you through the process. Let’s start planning your holiday portrait session early to avoid the holiday rush. Limited spaces are available. We can’t wait to see you here!

Best Family Portrait Poses

A family portrait session captures moments of your family’s lives for generations to come.  Everything from wardrobe, lighting, backdrops, and finding the right poses, brings the entire photo together, making it portrait-ready.

We want to ensure that our clients are happy with the final results. The following are four poses we have put together for your consideration. Ideas included bring the photograph together, make it a memorable experience, and capture flattering poses, expressions, and your family’s unique character.

Four family portraits poses

  1. Classic
  2. Editorial
  3. Candid/Natural 
  4. Headshot


Best Family Portrait Poses

Let’s begin with the more traditional pose that is most common with family sessions. The classic pose where everyone in the photo is engaged and fresh-faced. Families tend to gravitate towards this one, it’s easy to capture and can also be a pose that we can have some fun with by mixing things up a bit. 

Commonly, connections are created in any pose and photograph that is captured. Whether it’s creating symmetry, triangles, touchpoints, we aim to create balance and stability to the portrait. These connections can be made by having family members look towards each other, hold hands, or place their hands on shoulders.


Best Family Portrait Poses

These poses tend to have a more stoic and dramatic feel to them. Lighting is key and posing here is carefully constructed to ensure that family members aren’t mirroring one another’s poses. 

Expressions are important for this pose and we encourage a range of poses delivered from family members. When executed correctly, an editorial pose will feel dramatic and eye-catching. 


DSC 8665faceswap

Candid photos offer a different dynamic that shows off your family’s vibrant energy. Adding some motion like casually walking and smiling, children playing while the parents are posed, or having a parent lift their child up in the air, all these actions capture your family in their natural element. It’s okay to let kids be kids and let them feel in their element. At times, these candid shots bring out the most natural and bright smiles from your family. 



A headshot can be posed in many ways and typically they are taken from the shoulders and up, but there are many variants to that pose that can bring out your personality. And keep in mind, while headshots are often associated with branding and business (we’ll get to that in another blog), a headshot of a family member like dad, mom, or children helps to create a beautiful portrait. 

We encourage our clients to be relaxed. Creativity takes a headshot a long way ease any anxiety of having your headshot taken.

That's a wrap

Keep in mind that no matter how a family session unfolds, keep a positive attitude and remember that we are creating memories and portraits that will last a lifetime. These images are crafted with thought and consideration from the moment we meet with you at our McAllen studio, to the moment we show you the finished products. We want your experience to be a memorable one and we want to capture it for you! 

Here at BD Photography, we develop thousands of images per week, downloading, sorting, culling, correcting, cropping, enhancing, and final quality control before presenting our clients with their perfectly crafted images. We always wonder, "How will our clients experience these images over time?"

Thanks to social media platforms and fantastic cellphone cameras, we are overflooded with photos—usually, these photos are taken with a cellphone, often with a smudged lens and bad lighting. However, today's cells do a great job compensating by using filters and editing tools. Don't get us wrong, we love social media and use our phone's camera a lot, but nothing draws more attention than a professionally captured image.

We love to see our clients share their BD Photography images on social media platforms. Not only does it tell us that they loved their photos, but without fail, a carefully crafted professional photo will receive more likes and views than any cell phone counterpart. And sure, that digital image will live in your profile "forever" (or at least until you unsubscribe or get hacked), but once the posted image stops "trending," it just becomes a memory, old news, never really admired again. A premium or archival quality print will outlive and outperform a digital image on any social media platform.

When you print your photograph, they come to life. Printing your photos gives them a physical body to be displayed in your home or office. Our premium and archival quality prints produce a level of depth that's unattainable on a digital screen and is ultimately satisfying to admire every time.

At BD Photography, we have carefully matched our photo papers to deliver our clients' best possible prints. We only use top-quality photo and archival papers for our clients, providing the best possible fine art printing quality. Our prints' quality allows for images to not fade or yellow, under the right conditions, for over 100 years, making them tangible heirlooms to give to relatives and or future generations.

So, consider printing and framing some of those beautiful portraits from your last session. We would love to have your images professionally printed for you and admired for generations to come.

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