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The Value of Prints In a Digital World

BD Photography

Here at BD Photography, we develop thousands of images per week, downloading, sorting, culling, correcting, cropping, enhancing, and final quality control before presenting our clients with their perfectly crafted images. We always wonder, “How will our clients experience these images over time?”

Thanks to social media platforms and fantastic cellphone cameras, we are overflooded with photos—usually, these photos are taken with a cellphone, often with a smudged lens and bad lighting. However, today’s cells do a great job compensating by using filters and editing tools. Don’t get us wrong, we love social media and use our phone’s camera a lot, but nothing draws more attention than a professionally captured image.

We love to see our clients share their BD Photography images on social media platforms. Not only does it tell us that they loved their photos, but without fail, a carefully crafted professional photo will receive more likes and views than any cell phone counterpart. And sure, that digital image will live in your profile “forever” (or at least until you unsubscribe or get hacked), but once the posted image stops “trending,” it just becomes a memory, old news, never really admired again. A premium or archival quality print will outlive and outperform a digital image on any social media platform.

When you print your photograph, they come to life. Printing your photos gives them a physical body to be displayed in your home or office. Our premium and archival quality prints produce a level of depth that’s unattainable on a digital screen and is ultimately satisfying to admire every time.

At BD Photography, we have carefully matched our photo papers to deliver our clients’ best possible prints. We only use top-quality photo and archival papers for our clients, providing the best possible fine art printing quality. Our prints’ quality allows for images to not fade or yellow, under the right conditions, for over 100 years, making them tangible heirlooms to give to relatives and or future generations.

So, consider printing and framing some of those beautiful portraits from your last session. We would love to have your images professionally printed for you and admired for generations to come.