Grand Portraits - A Tribute to the Beauty of Aging

Ever feel like life's just flying by? It happens to the best of us. We get caught up in the whirlwind of daily life, and before we know it, years have passed, and our stories have evolved without us even realizing it. But guess what? In the midst of all that chaos, there's a chance to hit pause, take a breather, and really soak in who we are, where we've been, and where we're headed. 

We’ve created a brand new service: Grand Portraits Photography– it’s all about offering a timeless solution to capture your legacy. 

We’re kicking off our new service with a Grand Portrait Event on March 23, 2024.

Celebrating Life's Chapters

Each passing year etches its mark upon us. The lines on our faces tell stories of laughter, tears, love, and loss. Grand Portraits recognizes the value in these narratives, offering a platform to celebrate the richness and beauty of aging.

What's Included

Embracing the Beauty of Aging

This is for those that see aging as this incredible journey, full of richness and beauty. And when you get your portraits done, it's like you're seeing yourself through a whole new lens. Suddenly, those wrinkles and gray hairs? They're not signs of getting older; they're badges of wisdom, resilience, and character.

Limited Slots Available - Reserve Yours Today!

Our Grand Portraits Event is limited to just 10 slots, on March 23,2024. Each spot offers a chance to preserve your legacy in a meaningful and intentional way. Whether you're someone who sees aging as a journey to be celebrated, values capturing life's essence, or treasures family traditions, Grand Portraits is for you.



Grand Portraits is more than just a new photography service; it's a testament to the beauty of aging and the importance of preserving one's legacy. Don't let time slip away without leaving your mark. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and celebration. 


As a photographer, I've always known that my camera is just one tool in capturing the perfect image. For years, however, there was one aspect I didn't give enough credit to: my input on your wardrobe during your session.

I used to step back, believing my role was solely to capture the moment as it presented itself. But as time passed and my portfolio grew, a realization dawned on me: my insights into wardrobe, poses, and the overall vibe of the shoot are invaluable.

It's not just about what's trendy or aesthetically pleasing. It's about understanding what photographs best. How the texture of a fabric plays with the light, how a certain color can make your complexion glow, or how a particular style can accentuate your best features. It's about recognizing that the wardrobe, poses, and the ambient vibe are not just complementary but deeply interconnected. They are the threads that weave the story your photos will tell.

This epiphany has transformed how I approach each session. Now, I sit down with every client before we even step into the studio. This isn't just a chat; it's a collaborative strategy session.

Together, we go over every element of styling to ensure that what you wear will not just be seen but will speak. It will tell your story, highlight your individuality, and bring out the most authentic version of you.

Through this process, I've seen firsthand how the right styling can turn a good photo into a great one. It's not merely about being photogenic; it's about the harmony between you and the setting, the mood, and the moment.

Every choice, from the drape of your outfit to the angle of your stance, is a deliberate stroke on the canvas we're creating together.

So, when you book a session with me, know that you're signing up for more than just a photoshoot. You're embarking on a journey to uncover the most flattering, empowering, and genuine version of yourself.

And I am here, not just as your photographer, but as your collaborator, your stylist, and your guide, ensuring that every click of the shutter captures not just a picture, but a piece of your essence.

Let's create something beautiful together. Let's make sure that when the world sees your photos, they see the real, incredible you.

10 days xmas banner

'Tis the season of giving, and we're thrilled to present our "10 Days of Christmas Promotions" at BD Photography. Capture the holiday spirit with these exclusive offers designed to make your moments unforgettable.

Day 1: "A Partridge in a Metal Tree" (12/12)

Book a Family Photo Session and receive (1) 24x30 complementary Metal Print of your favorite shot.

Day 2: "Two Turtle Doves Duo Package" (12/13)

Engagement or couples' photo session at a special rate – one 8x10 Archival Matted Print and 20% off the Session.

Day 3: "Three French Hens Family Package" (12/14)

Capture the joy of family by booking a family session and receive 3 Complimentary 5x7 Archival Prints

Day 4: "Four Calling Birds Strike A Pose Special" (12/15)

Book 3 Headshot sessions, get the 4th one free. Multiple clients allowed.

Day 5: "Five Golden Rings Maternity Session" (12/16)

Celebrate the upcoming arrival with a maternity photoshoot and receive a complimentary 20x30 metal print.

Day 6: "Six Geese-a-Barking Package" (12/17)

Book a Pet Portrait Session and receive 50% off the session.

Day 7: "Seven Swans-a-Swimming Boudoir Shots" (12/18)

Pamper yourself with a boudoir photoshoot, receive complimentary hair & makeup.

Day 8: "Eight Maids-a-Milking Extended Family Package" (12/19)

Capture the love and laughter of your extended family and receive (3) 15X15 Amalfi Panels with the image of your choice.

Day 9: "Nine Ladies Dancing Branding Shoot" (12/20)

Book your Branding Photography session, Receive complimentary styling valued at $250.

Day 10: "Ten Lords-a-Saving Family Portraits" (12/21)

Schedule a family photoshoot and receive $500 OFF your session.

Celebrate the holidays with us and let your cherished moments shine. Book your sessions now and make this Christmas truly special at BD Photography. Unwrap the joy of the season through the BD Experience lens!

*Package Purchase Required. Daily, the first person to book and complete payment for the promotional offer of the day will be the recipient of the corresponding promotional item for that day.


BD Photography team

Hey there, lovely readers! 

As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, it's time to start thinking about those heartfelt and meaningful gifts for our loved ones. If you're searching for a gift that truly keeps on giving, look no further than the magic of a professional photography session. Here are the top 5 reasons why gifting someone a photography session this year could be the most cherished present they receive:

Preserving Priceless Memories: 

Time flies, and moments quickly turn into memories. A photography session offers the unique opportunity to freeze those precious moments in time, allowing your loved ones to relive and cherish them for years to come. Whether it's a family portrait, a milestone celebration, or an intimate couple's shoot, gifting a photography session ensures that those beautiful memories are forever preserved in stunning images.

Boosting Self-Confidence: 

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. A professional photo shoot is not just about capturing external appearances; it's about celebrating individuality and building self-esteem. By gifting a photography session, you're giving someone the chance to see themselves in a different light, to embrace their uniqueness, and to feel empowered by their own beauty, inside and out.

Creating Lasting Family Bonds: 

In our fast-paced world, quality time with family can often take a backseat. A family photography session serves as a reminder to slow down and cherish the bonds that tie us together. It's a chance for families to come together, share genuine laughter, and create lasting memories that will be cherished for generations. The gift of a family photography session is the gift of togetherness and love, frozen in time forever.

Celebrating Milestones and Achievements: 

Life is a journey marked by significant milestones and achievements. Whether it's a graduation, a promotion, or a personal triumph, these moments deserve to be celebrated and remembered. A photography session can beautifully capture these milestones, serving as a tangible reminder of the hard work, dedication, and successes achieved along life's path. It's a gift that acknowledges the importance of these moments and encourages the celebration of life's victories, both big and small.

Unwrapping the Gift of Art and Creativity: 

Photography is an art form that allows for self-expression and creativity. By gifting a photography session, you're not just giving someone a set of photographs; you're giving them a piece of art that tells their unique story. From choosing the perfect backdrop to curating your outfits, a photography session provides the opportunity for self-expression and creativity, resulting in stunning, personalized artwork that can adorn their walls and serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and artistry within their own lives.

This holiday season, consider the gift of a photography session as a heartfelt way to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Let's capture those beautiful moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy gifting, everyone!

At BD Photography, we're more than just a business – we're a community. We believe in giving back, making a positive impact, and supporting causes that matter. Today, we're excited to share a heartwarming initiative that not only aligns with our core values but also offers you a chance to be part of something incredible.

Introducing Portrait For Paws

We're proud to introduce "Portrait For Paws." This exciting initiative is all about supporting the Yaqui Animal Rescue Ranch, a non-profit organization close to our hearts. But it's not just about giving; it's also about giving you a chance to win something truly extraordinary.

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Our Goals: A Glimpse into Our Mission

Before we dive into the details of our latest venture, let's take a moment to understand the driving force behind it. At BD Photography, we've set some ambitious goals:

  1. Raise $15,000 to winterize the Yaqui Animal Rescue Ranch
  2. Bring brand awareness to the Yaqui Animal Rescue non-profit 
  3. Give back to our community in a positive way

These goals serve as our compass, guiding us towards making a meaningful difference in our community.

Win a $5000 BD Portrait Experience!

Ok… now the moment you’ve been waiting for– you have a chance to win a $5,000 BD Portrait Experience. This amazing prize includes:

Make a Difference with Every Ticket

By purchasing a ticket for just $150, you not only enter for a chance to win this remarkable experience but also contribute to the well-being of animals in and around the Yaqui Animal Rescue Ranch. Your participation directly supports our goals, of giving back to the community in a meaningful way.


Save the date – NOVEMBER 29TH, 2023! We'll be announcing the lucky winner on the BD experience Instagram account via live.

Limited Tickets – Act Now!

Hurry, there are only 100 tickets available, which means your odds of winning are an incredible 1 in 100. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make a difference and potentially walk away with a timeless experience.

How to Get Your Ticket

Getting your ticket is easy. Simply call/text us YAQUI at 956-252-1140. Every ticket purchased brings us one step closer to achieving our goals of winterizing the Yaqui Animal Rescue Ranch.

Portraits for Paws

Join Us in Making a Pawsitive Impact

We're dedicated to creating positive change, and we invite you to be part of our journey. Purchase your ticket today, spread the word, and together, let's make a real difference in the lives of animals and our community.

AR502700 1
Barbara Delgado

In the world of photography, Barbara Delgado stands out as an artist who has the remarkable ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her journey as a photographer, as featured on, is a testament to her talent and passion for her craft.

Barbara's photography is a celebration of everyday beauty. She effortlessly transforms moments into timeless treasures, capturing candid emotions. 

Barbara excels in capturing the essence of her subjects, be it individuals, couples, or families. Each portrait speaks volumes, revealing the essence and personality of her subjects.

Barbara's path as a photographer has been one of challenges and growth. She's faced doubts and uncertainties but persevered, evolving her art over the years.

Barbara Delgado's talent has garnered recognition on CanvasRebel, a platform that celebrates exceptional artists. Her presence there reflects the impact of her work and her unique perspective in the world of photography.

Barbara Delgado isn't just a photographer; she's a storyteller who captures the world's beauty and emotions through her lens. Her ability to find the extraordinary in the everyday and convey it is a testament to her talent.
Barbara Delgado

Barbara Delgado, a visionary artist known for her transcendent photography, has earned well-deserved recognition in RGVision Magazine, a prominent platform deeply rooted in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) community.

RGVision Magazine, is widely celebrated for showcasing influential businesses, entrepreneurs and artists, has showcased Barbara Delgado for her exceptional contributions to the RGV as an entrepreneur and photographer. This feature offers readers an in-depth glimpse into Barbara's life, her thriving career, and the artistic significance of her photographic work within the vibrant RGV community.

At the core of this feature lies Barbara Delgado's exceptional prowess as a photographer, earning her the magazine’s feature title of "La Jefa". Her portfolio is an arresting fusion of visual storytelling, artistic expression, and profound emotional depth. Through this feature, readers will gain valuable insights into her creative process and the compelling themes that breathe life into her captivating photographs.

Each photographer's journey is a compelling narrative of personal and artistic growth, punctuated by challenges and triumphant moments. Barbara Delgado's story, as unveiled by RGVision Magazine, serves as a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication to the art of photography

Barbara Delgado's spotlight feature in RGVision Magazine shines a well-deserved light on her outstanding photography and her meaningful contributions to the RGV community. Her photographic journey reflects not only her artistic evolution but also the deep connections she has fostered within the RGV community.

Article Link:


Are you tired of staring at blank walls that lack personality and flair? We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exquisite TerraNü Art Collection here at BD Photography. Get ready to transform your space with captivating imagery & artistic visuals. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a design aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, our new collection offers a diverse range of captivating pieces that will breathe life into your walls & leave a lasting impression.


Step into a world where imagination meets craftsmanship. Our TerraNü Art Collection showcases the extraordinary talent and creativity of our photographer, Barbara Delgado, each piece expertly capturing moments that help you feel connected and tell captivating stories. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate portraits, each photograph exudes a unique charm that impacted Barbara enough to capture it through the lens.


We believe that every space should reflect your individuality and personal style. That's why our wall art collection offers a variety of sizes, styles, and formats to suit your unique preferences. Whether you prefer a striking canvas print, a sleek metal print, or a timeless framed piece, our collection has something to cater to every taste and interior design scheme. With our wide array of options, you can truly make your space your own.


Enhance your home or office with our TerraNü Art pieces that effortlessly blend artistic beauty with professional craftsmanship. Each photograph is meticulously printed by one of our certified experts using the finest archival materials, ensuring vibrant colors, sharp details, and longevity. Our commitment to quality guarantees that your investment will be enjoyed for years to come, adding elegance and sophistication to any space.


At BD Photography, we understand the importance of convenience and excellent customer service. Ordering your favorite wall art piece is a breeze through our user-friendly online store. With just a few clicks, you can explore our collection, select your desired artwork, customize the size and format, and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Our team ensures safe packaging and prompt delivery, so you can enjoy your stunning wall art without any hassle.


Unlock the potential of your walls with our new TerraNü Art Collection. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty, creativity, and inspiration as you discover the perfect piece that speaks directly to you. Don't settle for ordinary walls when you can elevate your space with extraordinary art. Visit our website (CLICK HERE) or stop by our studio to explore our collection and begin your journey towards transforming your space into a visual masterpiece. Let your walls reflect your unique style and leave a lasting impression on all who enter your domain.

As temperatures rise, we're excited to present a unique opportunity to bring holiday cheer to your business: It's time to Prep For The Holidays with BD Photography. I know, it might seem unconventional, but trust us, we have 7 reasons why embracing this festive time NOW can benefit your business LATER.


#1 STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD – The majority of businesses focus on holiday promotions during the traditional season. Stand out & capture the attention of your customers. Create a memorable experience that will set your brand apart.


#2 BEAT THE HOLIDAY MARKETING RUSH – Avoid the last minute holiday rush & ensure a more strategic approach to reaching your target audience. When you prepare for the holidays in July, you’ll be ahead of the game, strategizing your promotions and visuals in advance. Be well-prepared to seize the opportunity and maximize your seasonal sales.


#3 SHOWCASE YOUR CREATIVITY – Our team of pro photographers can help you showcase your brand’s personality with imaginative content that fits your brand, not only for the holidays, but year-round. Think outside the box and create something your customers will remember for seasons to come. 


#4 ENHANCE EMPLOYEE MORALE – Happy employees means happy customers! Boost employee morale and foster a positive work environment. Plan a festive team-building event or photoshoot to strengthen the bond among your staff members. 


#5 UNIQUE BRANDED CONTENT – Produce branded content that can be utilized throughout the year. The imagery and videos captured can be repurposed in your future marketing campaigns, helping you maintain a consistent brand identity. 


#6 BUILD LONG-LASTING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS – Sending personalized greetings or offering surprise gifts to your most loyal customers will demonstrate your appreciation for their support. These gestures can go a long way in building lasting customer relationships. 


#7 IT’S TAX DEDUCTIBLE – Last but not least! By taking advantage of tax-deductible opportunities businesses can not only enjoy the creative marketing materials but it may potentially save them on their tax expenses, contributing to the overall financial health of the company. It’s truly an investment in your business.  * Consult with a qualified tax professional *

So, join us here at BD Photography to help you prepare for the holidays! Let our expert photographers capture the magic of the season and elevate your business's marketing efforts with captivating visuals.

Book your session today and unwrap the joy of the season!

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